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Community of Practice

To facilitate an interactive learning approach and to encourage international collaboration between students, teachers and professionals in the field of probation work, a digital educational platform (the ‘Community of Practice’, CoP) has been developed.

The CoP is a collection of applications (small software programs), such as a calendar, message board and a videoconference tool. Using these applications will make it possible for CoP-members to contact each other, share ideas about relevant topics and work together on assignments. For teachers and trainers the CoP also facilitates working together on the adaptation of the learning materials to the national or local context.The CoP is the place where all teaching materials are stored and shared.

The CoP consists of seven environments. A ‘General CoP’, for collaboration in a general sense, and six other environments supporting working with a specific module.This general environment is used to share information relevant to the field of probation work that is not related to a particular module. For example, sharing videos about national probation services or new methods and practices, posting messages regarding internships or scheduling conferences. In the six specific environments, communication is intended for module related topics only.


Fig. The different CJSW CoP environments.

All environments share the same lay-out and applications to make their use as easy as possible.The CoP is developed and hosted by Avans University of Applied sciences.


 Pic. An example, the CoP of module 3.

The CoP is a closed website. Students, teachers, professionals and others who want to make use of the CoP need permission to do so, by registering for each of the seven environments separately.This registration process is fast and simple, but requires a Gmail account.You may want to make a new Gmail account for the CoP if you do not want your personal email address to be shared with others.The use of the CoP is free of charge.

Click on the link below to download the manual in which the registration procedure is described in detail, including the log-in procedure.  

MANUAL (English version)

MANUAL (French version)

For questions concerning the CoP, please contact: secretariaatev@avans.nl