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Workconference CJSW February 21 st 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

CJSW Workconference

Probation work is a craft. Probation officers are professionals who choose to invest in other people, in their society and, in order to deliver high quality work, in themselves. Their work requires a deepening of their craft, a sharpening of their tools, and it requires an organization that facilitates their lifelong learning.

Professionalization of probation work in Europe faces new challenges, resulting from the need for increased integration of policies in the area of freedom, security and justice in Europe. Most importantly, the Council of Europe has set up Probation Rules which describe a number of basic competencies that have to be met by probation officers.

The Criminal Justice Social Work project has been developed by Avans University, in collaboration with many other educational institutions and practice organizations from the Netherlands, France, Scotland, England and Wales, Romania, Latvia and Norway, and with the co-operation of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).

In the CJSW project, six high quality teaching modules for initial education of future professionals and post initial education for probation officers have been developed. As a comprehensive set (with a study load of an accredited minor), they present a solid foundation for probation work from a European perspective. The teaching modules will be will be free, open source materials for European probation organizations and higher education organizations, starting in the spring of 2014. All materials and modules will be available in an e-learning environment (a community of practice). The long term goal of the CJSW project is to establish a Europe-wide platform for probation work education, training and knowledge exchange.

 The 21st of February the first open conference of the CJSW project will be held at Avans University of Applied Sciences. The project and its products will be presented to the public. You can register for the conference via:


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Participation in the conference is free of charge

Live streams of the plenary sessions of the event will be offered. To view the conference online, go to www.cjsw.eu on February, 21st.

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