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May 2015: CJSW project evaluated by EACEA with 8 out of 10 score!

Monday, June 01, 2015

Based on the CJSW Final Report that was delivered by Avans University in December 2014, the achievement of the project partners during the CJSW project was awarded with an 8 out of 10 overall score by the Erasmus Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Some of the quotes in the evaluation report are mentioned below:

 Regarding the objectives, results and products of CJSW:

“The design was flexible so that all modules allocated with 30 ECTS can be used to reach the specialization in probation or only particular parts (modules) can be practiced to satisfy specific educational needs of social workers or other staff in this area in many European countries. This flexible quality is a positive factor that enhances potential exploitation by various institutions. The main goal of the project was successfully reached.”

 Regarding the CJSW partnership:

“In this project a remarkable number of 15 institutions met together from 7 European countries. (…) In the final report there is sufficient evidence that most partners were actively participating as lead Work package partners. The role of the coordinator was dominating but his effort to delegate tasks to partners is also visible. Most partners have participated in project meetings. Despite all changes and movements in the partnership the team as a whole was productive and collaborating effectively.”

 On project management:

“The project management demonstrates an experienced and skilled process. (…). The management of an extensive consortium was enormously demanding and required a lot of additional acts, negotiations and modifications of work allocation.” 

 Overall comment:

“Despite all struggles and changes in partners engagement the project coordinator was able to manage the team and reach the planned outcomes. Strong points were flexibility in solving practical problems, and transparency in reporting.”