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First year

  • Each Circle lead partner (Avans, Leicester, Reims and Bucharest) developped a scenario for the Circle, including a detailed description of tasks, a time-table, and an allocation of hours to tasks. The scenario is sent to the CJSW Quality Board (QB: to be installed in year 1 / month 1).
  • Instalment of a CJSW Collaboratory on Surfnet: A collaboratory is an on-line environment where we shared all data, where we developped our products together and where we communicated with each other.
  • First CJSW Conference / Kick-off meeting (Netherlands, February 2012):
    • Partners socialized
    • Partners presented educational materials
    • Partners learned to work with Collaboratory
    • Partners agreed on benchmark indicators
    • Partners reached credits and diploma / qualification agreements
    • Partners reached copyright agreements
    • Partners discussed the Quality Board
    • Expert lecture on shared development of educational content.
  • Each inner circle team of partners performed a benchmark in the different specialism's: knowledge and expertise from all the partners was brought together and compared (in total 4 benchmarks). The measurable indicators were developed by the QB, based on discussions during the conference:
    • Scientific quality;
    • Focus on skills;
    • Resulting competencies;
    • Credits / Dublin indicators;
    • Didactical appropriateness for different levels;
    • E-learning possibilities;
    • Choice of core or additional materials;
    • Usefulness for summer school. CJSW kick-off letter - 9 - October 2011
  • Following the benchmark, each lead partner developped a test version of the several parts of the modules (in total 22 test versions on master, bachelor and continued / professional level, thus 66 in all). The development took place within the Collaboratory. The test versions were ready after year 1 and were checked according the benchmark.
  • The results were presented at the Second CJSW Conference in the United Kingdom (Leicester, November 2012), on blueprints and testing.


Second year

  • Test groups were installed, composed of teachers and students (bachelor & master) and practitioners. They tested all the materials and - based on action research - adjusted the materials. This took place in test units within the practice organisations, linked to the Collaboratory.
  • The ambition was to involve clients from the practice organisations as well.
  • In each test unit teachers and students developped content for e-learning during the testing phase.
  • For the actual testing, the benchmark indicators were used, as well as additional indicators measuring the impact of the teaching materials on teachers, students, practitioners and clients.
  • The 4 test units continuously exchanged best practices by means of a forum in the Collaboratory.
  • The Community of Practice (CoP) has been developped for the CJSW Project. (see Tab CoP) 


Third year

  • In year 3 the partners implemented the developed and tested modules in their organisations. The last 6 months of the project were used to work on the introduction and implementation of the developed materials.
  • The materials had to be adopted (under supervision of the QB) out of the test units to reach policy makers, teachers and practice organisations. This dissemination is important as it uses covenants between education organisations and practice organisations to develop further the cooperation between education and practice institutions.
  • Third CJSW Conference in Den Bosch, The Netherlands (February 2014), on dissemination.
  • First summer school in Istanbul, Turkey, for selected students, teachers and professionals (summer 2014)
  • All materials and modules are brought together in a European handbook Criminal Justice Social Work and in an e-learning environment which is similar for all (future) partners. There is one portal for all the modules, with a forum CJSW kick-off letter - 10 - October 2011 and website which is accessible to all partners and other interested organisations.
  • All products and dissemination results are presented at the Final CJSW Conference in Agen, France (October 2014), on CJSW in Europe.